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Find your ideal holiday

When booking a holiday a room / apartment this issue can often create sources of tension in the family or couple. If you are undecided about what to book and if you choose a room or apartment, here is a short guide that will help you make a decision!

We begin to understand what we truly want and what is our idea of a vacation, even meeting the needs of our partners. For example, if ours is an old-fashioned family where is the lady to attend to all the domestic chores, from cooking to cleaning, opt for a beautiful and comfortable room, where your love one will do absolutely nothing during the holiday period.

However, if you are traveling with small children, more or less, having your own apartment will be more convenient because you can make use of your space, the children will have a place to play, you can have breakfast at home, maybe in your pajamas without incurring and in the evening, after putting to bed your children, mom and dad will have a bit 'of privacy to enjoy a bit' of tranquility.

You are a romantic couple on your first vacation and you are eager to spend as much time together ?! There is no doubt choose a room, but if on the contrary, you are a dynamic couple who does not like to subject to the schedules of restaurants and cleaning, just book an apartment. You will be more free to organize your days and depart each day for a new adventure or stay "lazing" on the couch

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