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Typical Tuscan Cake

sarteano (siena)
Typical Tuscan Cake

Tuscany is known around the world for its distinctive territories, for its rolling hills and countless small villages surrounded by the wonder of the countryside rich in history and tradition. Even more, however, it is known for its culinary tradition. Dishes such as Pappa al Pomodoro, the Florentine steak and wines such as Chianti or Brunello are renowned throughout the world and tourists invade every remotest angola the region in search of
more traditional flavors.

Even Christmas brings many sweets and traditional recipes such as the famous Panforte that today we see covered with white sugar at one time it was Covered with pepper and spices.
Preparation of the Panforte in fact, its traditional ingredience was almonds, oranges, lemon, melon and spice. Before it became commercial, it was called Panpepato because it was covered with a layer of black pepper and it was a very savory cake which is still produced in some areas of Tuscany during the Christmas holidays.

The true panforte was created when Queen Margherita visited Siena and they decided to make this traditional cake without melon and to put a sugar coating icing instead of the traditional black pepper.

Thus arose and now has become the symbol of Christmas here in Siena and worldwide. Come and find out more about this in Tuscany, why not book a short stay at La Sovana or at Le Buche Wine Resort & Spa, the Olivi Family awaits with many offers for you to choose.

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