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Choose a holiday in Agriturismo
5 Good Reasons to Book in Farmhouse

published on02/08/2018 sertion Blog
If you are planning a regenerating holiday after long months of work and stress, we suggest you consider the choice of the farm and we recommend it for 5 good reasons.
When it's time for holidays and the offers are many, you'll be spoiled for choice: exotic places, starred hotels, equipped villages, apartments, campsites.

Perhaps you are wondering whether it is better to have a fun stay at the beach or the cool of the mountain, prefer a cultural weekend in the city or relax in a weekend in a quiet country resort.
Whatever your tastes, we invite you to evaluate the choice of the farm by explaining in 5 points the reason why in our opinion it is a good choice

1. TERRITORIO: agriturismo is an excellent solution if you want to experience the territory from the inside.
You will find yourself in a real reality, with people who can inform you about all that is worth visiting the territory

Three Tuscan Dishes to Cook at Home
Typical flavors of Tuscany

published on02/08/2018 sertion Blog
Have you been in Tuscany and have tasted the many typical specialties of traditional cuisine? Would you like to bring them back to your guests? Here are some tips!

Of course, the best way to taste the Tuscan dishes is to do it in Tuscany, where the flavors and aromas are one with the surrounding environment.
It is often difficult to reproduce the same result away from the homeland.
This is why I want to suggest you three dishes of the popular peasant cuisine, which precisely because of their characteristics lend themselves to being reproduced quite easily.

These are three poor dishes based on bread that were assembled with what was in the kitchen, so even the ingredients are quite free, as are the doses according to taste.

PANZANELLA: it is a cold dish, obtained by mixing stale bread, previously soaked, with tomatoes, onion and basil all seasoned with red vinegar, salt, pepper

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