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5 Good Reasons to Book in Farmhouse

published on02/08/2018 sertion Blog
If you are planning a regenerating holiday after long months of work and stress, we suggest you consider the choice of the farm and we recommend it for 5 good reasons.
When it's time for holidays and the offers are many, you'll be spoiled for choice: exotic places, starred hotels, equipped villages, apartments, campsites.

Perhaps you are wondering whether it is better to have a fun stay at the beach or the cool of the mountain, prefer a cultural weekend in the city or relax in a weekend in a quiet country resort.
Whatever your tastes, we invite you to evaluate the choice of the farm by explaining in 5 points the reason why in our opinion it is a good choice

1. TERRITORIO: agriturismo is an excellent solution if you want to experience the territory from the inside.
You will find yourself in a real reality, with people who can inform you about all that is worth visiting the territory

Three Tuscan Dishes to Cook at Home
Typical flavors of Tuscany

published on02/08/2018 sertion Blog
Have you been in Tuscany and have tasted the many typical specialties of traditional cuisine? Would you like to bring them back to your guests? Here are some tips!

Of course, the best way to taste the Tuscan dishes is to do it in Tuscany, where the flavors and aromas are one with the surrounding environment.
It is often difficult to reproduce the same result away from the homeland.
This is why I want to suggest you three dishes of the popular peasant cuisine, which precisely because of their characteristics lend themselves to being reproduced quite easily.

These are three poor dishes based on bread that were assembled with what was in the kitchen, so even the ingredients are quite free, as are the doses according to taste.

PANZANELLA: it is a cold dish, obtained by mixing stale bread, previously soaked, with tomatoes, onion and basil all seasoned with red vinegar, salt, pepper

IndianaPark in Chianciano Terme
An adventure park to have fun in nature

published on04/07/2017 sertion Blog
Looking for adventure? A short walk from La Sovana Country Relais you can find the IndianaPark in Chianciano Terme. Nestled in a 3 hectare pine forest, it is an oasis of relaxation and fun.
An adventure park for young and old, from 5 years old, with suspended ateliers among the trees, walkways, Tibetan bridges and breathtaking Tyrolean tunnels!
The entrance to the park is free, you pay only the activities you choose to do and the services you use, all in total safety and with the assistance of experienced instructors.
The Park is open every day from 10am to 8pm.

Special night at La Sovana Country Relais

published on24/06/2017 sertion Blog
Today the sons of Mr Pronk, our regular guest for many years, came from Holland to surprise his father and to celebrate his 65° birthday at La Sovana Country Relais! A birthday in typical tuscan style, with one of our red wines, Memento, the favourite of Mr Pronk!
Happy birthday from Olivi Family and all the staff!!

Welcome Summer!

published on23/06/2017 sertion Blog
Some photos of our pool party on June 21, on the summer solstice. Live music, dinner by the pool, welcome drink to the summer's beginning and dip in the pool at midnight. All our guests enjoyed and danced until late!

From 15th to 25th June don't miss the events at Città della Pieve

published on21/06/2017 sertion Blog
Memories, Solidarity and Reconstruction The themes of the Infiorata 2017 of Città della Pieve

During the night between 24 and 25 June, the suggestive Via Vannucci, main course of Città della Pieve, will become a delight in perfumes and colors, giving birth to the usual Infiorata that is made every year by the members of Terziere Casalino (one of the three district of the city), after months of intense work to collect and prepare the flowers necessary for the realization of the various designs conceived Andrea Bittarello. This year's event is dedicated to the areas affected by the earthquake of August 24 and October 30, with recalls of memory, solidarity and the spirit of reconstruction.

Spend your Easter in Tuscany

published on30/12/2016 sertion Blog
san casciano dei bagni (siena)
The holiday season is over yet you are already thinking of Easter and are many Italians who, perhaps not having had the opportunity to go in recent days, instead choose to spend Easter with friends and family but away from home.

Among the top destinations Tuscany remains among the favorite, rich in, art and cultural events, villages to visit but above all its unique landscapes and known throughout the world..

La Sovana awaits like every year to offer you an unforgettable holiday among the rolling Tuscan hills characterized by the taste of delicious dishes prepared in othe restaurant.

For all those who stay 7 or 4 nights before February 28, 2017, one night is FREE!


Relax and taste in Tuscany

published on25/08/2016 sertion Blog
sarteano (siena)
Summer is about to end but La Sovana has not yet closed its doors and welcomes you with many offers designed for those who have spent their summer at work and now look at last for a vacation, for those who have little time or those who want still enjoy a few days of relaxation before resuming daily life.

From August 20, 2016 and through the fall, for example, book your stay in the apartment, for you a 20% discount.


Do not miss the chance of a unique holiday in the heart of Tuscany, a step away from a unique territory of the Val d'Orcia, nd close to many villages of great charm.

Visit us and behold these unforgettable moments of total relaxation by the pool, as well as visiting our beautiful area even enjoying the delicacies of our restaurant.

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published on25/08/2016 sertion Blog
sarteano (siena)
Some like the hotels in the city center and some prefer to spend their holidays in a B & B

it seems that Agriturismo vacations has won the hearts of all travelers from around the world. Here are a few reasons why you should choose your holiday in a country house:

1. If You are traveling with your family there's nothing better than a holiday in contact with nature to give your children an unforgettable holiday

2. This country house is the perfect place for those seeking a relaxing holiday, long walks outdoors and evenings under the stars a perfect escape from the chaos of the city.

3. Many country homes have indoor restaurants with exceptional cuisine and are able to offer you typical dishes a of local products: the best way to discover the gastronomic specialties of the area you are visiting.

4.You're a couple? You may think about something better?

Find out /info/GB/rif000010/Offers|OUR

Taste this typical Italian dish

published on25/08/2016 sertion Blog
sarteano (siena)
If you think of a typical dish of Tuscany it is perhaps the Pappa al Pomodoro to come immediately to mind at all. Known throughout Italy thanks to Vamba and its Gian Gale, this dish has been able to conquer even the most discerning palates in time to become a classic of Italian cuisine. But how should you prepare Pappa al Pomodoro?

The recipe is very simple and is made with ripe tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, vegetable broth, stale bread and basil, salt and pepper to flavor everything.

Peel and chop the tomatoes in a saucepan and let brown two cloves of garlic with two tablespoons of oil. Add the chopped tomatoes, season with a little 'pepper and cook. Meanwhile dice the stale bread and put it in the broth to soften. Once very soft wring well the bread and put it in the pot with the tomato and a little 'stock. Season with salt and basil and simmer for about 20 minutes.


The recipe for the panzanella

published on25/08/2016 sertion Blog
sarteano (siena)
This typical dish of central Italy, the Panzanella, also called panmolle or panmòllo this dish is linked to the peasant culture, using stale bread and vegetables.

The recipe includes, stale bread, red onion,basil, and seasoned with oil, vinegar and salt. The bread must be left to soak in water for several hours and then wrung out until crumble then add the onion and basil, tomato, cut into pieces or cucumber, you can also add boiled eggs, tuna and olives.remember that the bread is the king of the panzanella.

Discover it in our restaurant

Reserve your stay at La Sovana!


How to cook a Fiorentina

published on09/08/2016 sertion Blog
sarteano (siena)
You say!! Tuscany and the first dish that comes to mind is the Florentina steak. Queen of the grill, perfect for a evening in a good company with good Tuscan wines. Ait is not as easy to cook as you might think!.

Even in our Restaurant, the fiorentina gets its place of exception and is served to our guests and cooked by the owner, Giuseppe Olivi, with great foresight and passion.

Today we reveal 5 of our secrets on how to obtain an excellent Fiorentina steak at home.

|1. First you choose the right cut of meat this must be the sirloin of beef. Tuscany rigorously use only the Chianina

2. .The Fiorentina, must always have a T bone as well as height, this must at least 2 fingers in debth . The indication of weight t can vary to the number of guest's and how much hunger that they may have!

3. When you purchase meat make sure it has a maturation between 10 and 20 days. This

And how it is prepared

published on08/08/2016 sertion Blog
sarteano (siena)
If you were in Tuscany you will have surely heard acquacotta, a platter of rural origin, now become a delicacy for connoisseurs. It is a vegetable soup with traditional ingredients combined with unsalted whole wheat bread, all seasoned with a good extra virgin olive oil.

It is difficult to find the true recipe as well as being a typical dish of various areas (from the Maremma to Viterbo), the ingredients vary greatly depending on the season. For sure we always find onions, celery and basil, tomatoes all depending on the season, added ingredients like chicory and vegetables, pork rind or fat may give flavour and texture to the soup, and as from today the egg was added each recipe has different cooking times all depending in which region the Acquacotta is prepared.

The menu at “Agriturismo La Sovana”, located in Val d'Orcia and Val di Chiana, between Tuscany, Umbria and Lazio could not

Choose Tuscany for your Easter holiday

published on02/02/2016 sertion Blog
sarteano (siena)
Easter is approaching, this 2016 will fall on March 27 and the trip out of town lovers are surely already struggling with the organization of this short holiday. As everyone is hoping for a period in the sun and mild temperatures, it will be hard to spend all day outdoors, then here is some small suggestion to spend a quiet and peaceful Easter with friends or relatives.

Although temperatures are not the best, Tuscany is the ideal place to spend a relaxing time surrounded by nature. Its numerous villages are waiting to offer you a vacation rich in culture, art, food and wine a one step away by lush nature, where long walks and fresh air.

Whether you choose spend your Easter holidays with the family, with friends or with the love of your life, definitely choose a farm in Tuscany to make your stay unforgettable. This kind of holiday it assures you tranquility, good food accompanied by

Find your ideal holiday

published on02/02/2016 sertion Blog
sarteano (siena)
When booking a holiday a room / apartment this issue can often create sources of tension in the family or couple. If you are undecided about what to book and if you choose a room or apartment, here is a short guide that will help you make a decision!

We begin to understand what we truly want and what is our idea of a vacation, even meeting the needs of our partners. For example, if ours is an old-fashioned family where is the lady to attend to all the domestic chores, from cooking to cleaning, opt for a beautiful and comfortable room, where your love one will do absolutely nothing during the holiday period.

However, if you are traveling with small children, more or less, having your own apartment will be more convenient because you can make use of your space, the children will have a place to play, you can have breakfast at home, maybe in your pajamas without incurring and in the evening,

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