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In Tuscany with the whole family

published on27/12/2016 sertion Blog
sarteano (siena)
In this 2017, the Easter will fall on April 16 a perfect time to take a short vacation in springtime, those who were unable to leave over the Christmas period, is already preparing a spring getaway.
As always among the most popular destinations is Tuscany, not only for Italians, it remains the favorite destination, that this place in which to spend time relaxing with the whole family. Tuscany is in fact the ideal destination for all because of its knows offer from every point of view, for those traveling with children lots of open space and clean air , there are also many museum exhibitions and villages to visit.

For those who want more than a romantic vacation with their partner here you will find in Tuscany a breathtaking scenery that will toast your love, places that remain in your heart and memories. Spring is also the best time to visit these landmarks of this region such as the

A vacation in Val d'Orcia and Val di Chiana

published on20/12/2016 sertion Blog
sarteano (siena)
The Val d'Orcia is an incredible place, surrounded by peace and tranquility that can offer so much from culture and events with many places of artistic, historical and architectural, and famous for its thermal zones with good local ' wines and food .

Also Val di Chiana is known around the world for their typical products of its territory, also for its landscape and artistic beauty and for the many towns that stand out among its hills.

There are two border lines which offer many ideas for a wellness break, discovering food and wines. Particularly wines in those areas The Chianti and the Orcia DOC , very close by to Nobile and Brunello.

The Olivi family too, who always has a strong bond with the land, choose to produce top quality wines for some years now, in their wine Cellar Le Buche, located a short distance from the Agriturismo La Sovana.

Why not choose to come and stay in this

Typical Tuscan Cake

published on20/12/2016 sertion Blog
sarteano (siena)
Tuscany is known around the world for its distinctive territories, for its rolling hills and countless small villages surrounded by the wonder of the countryside rich in history and tradition. Even more, however, it is known for its culinary tradition. Dishes such as Pappa al Pomodoro, the Florentine steak and wines such as Chianti or Brunello are renowned throughout the world and tourists invade every remotest angola the region in search of
more traditional flavors.

Even Christmas brings many sweets and traditional recipes such as the famous Panforte that today we see covered with white sugar at one time it was Covered with pepper and spices.
Preparation of the Panforte in fact, its traditional ingredience was almonds, oranges, lemon, melon and spice. Before it became commercial, it was called Panpepato because it was covered with a layer of black pepper and it was a very savory cake

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