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Olivi's Family

The history of our family has always been tied to the land, as a child I worked with my father Mario in the Umbrian farms, between Tavernelle and Panicale. Before many others we purchased tractors and agricultural machinery to work as subcontractors in winter we commercialized in wood and coal. Even then my father his wish was to buy a small farm with a little 'land but for various circumstances the deal did not go ahead. Meanwhile I started marketing petroleum products and also my brother joined me which had became a family activity in which we both put, great commitment and desire.
In 1975 I married Giovannella and the following year my son was born Richard,and also in 1978 my daughter Francesca. 

Even though my continued working for the better, still in my head continued to to be present the idea of the land, the desire to find those more natural rhythms and simplisity always in the back of my mind was the idea of my father, who died at ' age of 66 years, was to buy a farm and a bit 'of land. After a brief search, I finally found La Sovana and as soon as I saw it I immediately created a bond. It was the house I was looking for. After purchasing it in 1986, without thinking twice, I started the restructuring and on April 16, 1992 and opened La Sovana that I manage with the precious help of my wife Giovannella and in that, this beginning has been a great success.

The great passion for the land and the success of the Farmhouse led us to buy Le Buche, a farm a few kilometers from La Sovana, where with my son Riccardo together, we decided to undertake a new wine project. so the Winery Buche was founded in 2000 and in 2016 Le Buche Wine Resort & Spa, a new project dedicated to all wine lovers and of the Tuscan countryside.

Giuseppe Olivi

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