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The Restaurant La Sovana welcomes guests of the estate in an attractive location by the pool, with its large windows, like a wonderful painting, that look over  the Tuscan hills, olive groves and vineyards surrounding the farm The dining room, cozy and quiet, plus, in fine weather, the tables are laid in the shade of the gazebo where you can spend a pleasant time while enjoying a good meal of traditional Tuscan cuisine prepared by our Giovannella, sipping a glass of wine and enjoying the beautiful surrounding views of the estate In keeping with the Tuscan Farmhouse tradition, our family dine every night in the company of guests offering typical dishes made with high-quality products that come mainly from the families orchard, cultivated with great care.Each dish is devoted the utmost attention, the pasta is homemade and all the ingredients are strictly local to knowing the true quality of Tuscany gastronomy. The dishes prepared by the skilled hands of Giovannella, revisiting them personal adding that extra touch to exalt scents and flavors, to match the excellent wines of Tenuta Le Buche, the winery of the family, as well as the area's best wines.

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