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The olive mill

The Azienda Agricola La Sovana, nestled in the hills of Siena and one of the most fruitful areas for olive cultivation,
produces extra virgin olive oil of high quality.

We put great care in the management of our olive groves extending 12 hectares with 4,000 plants and producing variety of typical Tuscan olive varieties such as Leccino, Moraiolo, coreggiolo and crusher. The collection, done strictly by hand before they are completely ripe, allows us to produce a high quality oil that has obtained the DOP certification by the Consortium for the protection of extra virgin olive oil DOP Terre di Siena.

And just to give more quality to the oil, in 2007 we purchased and operate an oil mill that allows us to grind the olives the day of collection. A cold mechanical grinding mill that gives our greater complexity and quality oil. Our extra virgin olive oil has a low acidity, a slightly spicy aftertaste and a lively fragrance. The balanced and harmonious spores is the perfect condiment to enhance the flavors of food.

You can purchase in bottles of 0,50 liter, 0,75 liter or 5 liter tins.

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