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5 Good Reasons to Book in Farmhouse

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If you are planning a regenerating holiday after long months of work and stress, we suggest you consider the choice of the farm and we recommend it for 5 good reasons.
When it's time for holidays and the offers are many, you'll be spoiled for choice: exotic places, starred hotels, equipped villages, apartments, campsites.

Perhaps you are wondering whether it is better to have a fun stay at the beach or the cool of the mountain, prefer a cultural weekend in the city or relax in a weekend in a quiet country resort.
Whatever your tastes, we invite you to evaluate the choice of the farm by explaining in 5 points the reason why in our opinion it is a good choice

1. TERRITORIO: agriturismo is an excellent solution if you want to experience the territory from the inside.
You will find yourself in a real reality, with people who can inform you about all that is worth visiting the territory and the best way to do it. This is especially true in areas where rural life is of paramount importance.
You will also have the opportunity to experience everyday activities, experiencing a slice of real life together with your guests, who are often well prepared to share their occupations with those who show interest and passion.

2. TYPICAL PRODUCTS: often agriturismos can also offer local products grown directly.
This is also a way to immerse yourself in the spirit of the place, tasting the freshly picked or processed products. You can imagine how pleasant it is to have breakfast with freshly baked pastries or with fruits picked at dawn and brought to the table, or have lunch or dinner with vegetables from the garden cooked for the occasion.
In addition, the cultivation and production processes could be illustrated and shown, or you could even participate, making unique experiences.

3. HOSPITALITY: generally in a farm you will find a familiar and friendly environment.
It is often possible to create beautiful friendships that remain over time, interact with passionate people and discover interesting anecdotes that will make you feel more visitors than foreigners.

4. RELAX: in agriturismo you will be immersed in a natural and peaceful environment, above all if you will find yourself in small family-run facilities.
It is a particularly favorable condition if you want to rest and recharge after a long period of work.
Also great for those with small children who need a quiet and peaceful environment to continue to follow their natural rhythms.
Or simply because peace is a rare good and it's nice to enjoy it!

5.COMFORT: today the comfort levels of the housefarms have nothing to envy compared to other receptive structures.
The services are of excellent quality and the offer is wide and complete, with the advantage that, generally, the relationship between quality and price is more advantageous.

For your next vacation come and visit us in Agriturismo La Sovana, we are waiting for you to discover all the good reasons to choose a holiday in the countryside!

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