La Sovana is Green!
Eco-Friendly Charging Station

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Here at La Sovana what we decided to do to be green
Our guests will be able to recharge their electric, hybrid or plug-in vehicle with the charging station, thus contributing to the development of a conscious tourism free from pollution for our territory.
Never mind the map charge points, don’t worry to find a charging station; you can visit our amazing contryside area, carefree your Agriturismo there is always available for you, two charging station.
The electric vehicle charging column is an additional value in terms of eco-friendly hospitality as well as a key service for those who intend to travel without polluting.
Using electric vehicles means choosing a life style in which comforts and the environment co-exist in a combination that is increasingly important when on holiday!

The charging station has between 7,4 kW and 22 kW
Follow some exemple of empty-to-full time to charge with different chargepoint speeds and different models:

chargepoint speed

The growth of electric mobility goes hand in hand with the development of the charging infrastructure. The presence of an adequate number of charging stations is important, in order to make longer journeys hassle-free and to provide electricity to those who don’t own a private garage or an outside parking, to recharge their vehicle.
The number of normal power charging points available in the country increased exponentially over this period, passing from 1,679 units in 2015 to 12,150 units in 2020. The Italian charging network is patchy, with a much higher average growth of the infrastructure in five Central-Northern regions: Tuscany, Emilia-Romagna, Lombardy, Piedmont and Veneto. These regions account for half of all charging stations in Italy.
Lombardy is the first region – its 2,467 charging points make up 18% of the national total. Next come Tuscany (1,420), Piedmont (1,330), Emilia-Romagna (1,311), and Veneto (1,130). Sicily (650), Trentino-Alto Adige (630) and Puglia (617) follow some distance behind.

...and in Europe
In 2019, Germany has almost 40,000 public charging stations for electric vehicles. The number of charging stations is highest in Norway. The country is known to have the greatest share of new electric vehicle registrations relative to overall new registrations.
In Europe continent there was in 2020 almost 250,000 charging station, at least 195,000 in EU states.

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