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Giovannella's Recipe

Handmade tagliatelle with Tuscan Ragu

Exploring a Traditional Recipe Perfect for Every Season  In the realm of culinary treasures, certain recipes stand resilient against the passage of time, ... ➔

Cocktail Mixology

Sovana Sunset

Mixologists, or Mixology, is just another way of referring to the practice of making good cocktails. Mixology might seem like a modern term, but it is ... ➔

Giovannella's Recipe

La Ribollita

Ribollita is one of Tuscany’s most famous bread soups. Typically containing cavolo nero, savoy cabbage, cannellini beans and stale bread, the dish is part ... ➔

"Ciaccia di Pasqua"

Traditional Easter cheese bread

Easter is one of Italy’s favourite holidays as it coincides with the first days of spring and warmer weather (hopefully).  While Easter is a time for ... ➔

Meatballs “Senesi”

A four hands recipe from Giovannella and Daniela

Family time is a great time to cook together. All recipes are easier to make with multiple hands. This recipe is born from a cooperation of a mother in ... ➔

Govannella Autumn Recipes

Pumpking and chestnuts risotto

This recipe is all about autumn: pumking and Chestnut Risotto. Chestnuts are very common in Italy and the Italians eat them a lot in autumn.... ➔

A Taste Of Autumn:

Giovannella's Apple Pie

This is a favorite dessert worldwide: Homemade Apple pie! A universal sweet having millions and millions of fans all over the globe.  Many of us have so ... ➔

Giovannella Recipes: Pappa al Pomodoro

Pappa al pomodoro is an old and traditional recipe from Tuscany, it comes from the age when to waste any single piece of bread, even if stale, ... ➔

Giovannella’s Summer Bruschetta

Prosciutto, Burrata and grilled vegetables

Warm summer day? Are you tired to prepare the dinner or is it too hot to cook a meal? Giovanella has the perfect recipe for you! An easy bruschetta.... ➔

Giovannella recipes

La Carbonara

 Our Chef Giovannella presents “La Carbonara”. The most popular Italian recipe around the world. Not a simple carbonara recipe but Rome’s ... ➔

Giovannella recipes:

Aunt Ada’s Meatballs

Meatballs in sauce with intense and particular aromas given by the clove, which bring our chef Giovannella back to her childhood in Assisi in Umbria, when ... ➔

Recipes from our Chef Giovannella

Acquacotta Toscana

ACQUACOTTA TOSCANA  for 3/4 portions    1 pot vegetable broth  2 medium onions  3/4 fresh san marzano tomatoes  Pecorino cheese  Hot pepper, salt  Extravirgin ... ➔

Who wants to try Giovannella's recipe?

Giovannella's Pici all'aglione

Who wants to try Giovannella's recipe?    PICI ALL'AGLIONE    for 4 persons:  400 gr white flour  4 La Sovana extra virgin olive oil vintage  1 egg  ... ➔
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