How to cook a Fiorentina

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You say!! Tuscany and the first dish that comes to mind is the Florentina steak. Queen of the grill, perfect for a evening in a good company with good Tuscan wines. Ait is not as easy to cook as you might think!.

Even in our Restaurant, the fiorentina gets its place of exception and is served to our guests and cooked by the owner, Giuseppe Olivi, with great foresight and passion.

Today we reveal 5 of our secrets on how to obtain an excellent Fiorentina steak at home.

1. First you choose the right cut of meat this must be the sirloin of beef. Tuscany rigorously use only the Chianina

2. .The Fiorentina, must always have a T bone as well as height, this must at least 2 fingers in debth . The indication of weight t can vary to the number of guest's and how much hunger that they may have!

3. When you purchase meat make sure it has a maturation between 10 and 20 days. This is a physical-chemical spontaneous process that makes the meat more tender and that takes place only incooler.

4 .before grilling, remove from refrigerator. This is essential because the meat, before being put on the barbecue must regain room temperature. Or you'll get a harder and less good meat.

5.Finally a good Florentine has to have a grilled Rare so hence the rapid time of 3 or 5 minutes per side, depending on the weight and height of the steak.


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